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The best alternatives to Dropbox

Although the popularity of Dropbox makes this tool the benchmark for storing files in the cloud, we can have many reasons to look for other options. Next we will instruct you about the best alternatives to Dropbox that can be found on the network and that also provide great performance. These are methods that we have already used and that we recommend taking advantage of for their efficiency in handling and possibilities


To save files in the cloud it is good to have confidence in who is providing the service. In this case, OneDrive is a good demonstration of this type of trust, since the app is a creation of Microsoft. As it is a trend, although a free 7GB cloud storage is offered, users who need more space can hire it after corresponding payment.

Amazon Cloud Drive

The reputation of the Amazon online store is increasingly positive in the technology sector and the safety and efficiency that the Amazon Cloud Drive service has shown is helping them a lot. In this case the free storage is lower than OneDrive, since instead of 7GB only 5GB is offered. In return, Amazon’s cloud storage option is very flexible and easy to use across all types of devices.

Google Drive

You can feel more or less appreciation for Google but it is fair to recognize that its cloud service is one of the best alternatives to Dropbox. The free Google Drive service is 15GB but the most interesting thing is that the rates to acquire an added space are not exactly high, but rather the opposite. In addition, it has the guarantee of Google’s technical supervision.


Users who are looking for one of the highest levels of security in the cloud storage experience can rely on Box. This tool not only proposes a generous series of promotions to even have 50GB of free space but also has secure technology that is committed to maintaining absolute privacy in all aspects.


It is not the most popular option, because it is focused on a more professional type of user, but SugarSync has established itself as one of the best alternatives to Dropbox in terms of efficiency and interface design. It has a good synchronization of devices and is very simple but with the power that is required to have the cloud very controlled.

The cloud everywhere

With these five recommendations that we have wanted to make we gather what we believe are the best alternatives to Dropbox but we know that there are other good options out there. If you want to recommend one in particular, we invite you to do so with a comment. Surely the other readers benefit from it!

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