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How to delete a user on Mac

User management on Mac can be done both in the Terminal and through the graphical tool provided by the system. This is the way we will use to explain how to delete a user on Mac. If you have not changed the settings in this regard, you will need administrator permissions to do so, so you should know your password. Here we explain in detail how to delete a user on Mac.

Steps to follow:

1.To remove a user from Mac, you must first click on “System Preferences” and then on “Users and Groups”.

2.Now, before making any modification you must click on the lock icon in the lower left part of the window. This will allow you to provide administrator permissions to perform the task of removing a user from Mac.

3.In the left sidebar, mark the user you want to delete with the mouse and then click on the “-” sign in the same bar, below everything.

4.Then, a pop-up window will appear in which you must indicate which deletion mode of the Mac user you prefer:

  • Save the startup folder in a disk image.
  • Do not change the startup folder.
  • Delete the home folder.

If you do not plan to register that user, it is best to opt for the last option.

5.Now, you have already deleted this Mac user and will not have access to your computer.

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