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How to burn audio CD to DVD

Because audio recordings require much less storage space for video data, CDs are a better option for storing audio tracks. However, if you want to put much more information on a single disc, you can burn the audio CD to DVD, which has almost seven times the storage space than a CD. A good use of this, is in a function of DVD player in the car. You can place a DVD with a maximum of seven discs of uncompressed audio material, and just press the “Play” button to listen to hours of uninterrupted music.

You will need to:

  • Computer with DVD burner
  • DVD-R or DVD-RW
  • DVD creation software

Steps to follow:

1.Turn on the computer. Open the DVD tray, and insert the audio CD with the label facing up and close the tray.

2.Open the “Windows Explorer” window on the computer. Click on “New folder” in the upper right of the Explorer window to create a new folder. Click on the name field of the new folder, and name the folder corresponding to the audio CD.

3.Navigate from Windows Explorer to the DVD drive, usually called D: or E: Highlight all the files in the drive, click on the folder and press “Ctrl” + “A”. Click on any file title, and select “Copy” in the pop-up window.

4.Navigate to the new folder that you created in step 2. Click on that folder, and select “Paste” in the pop-up window.

5.Eject the DVD tray. Remove the audio CD. Insert a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc into the tray and close it.

6.Open your DVD creation software. Click on “Add audio tracks”, and navigate through the menu. Select all the files in the folder that I created in step 2, by clicking on the folder and then press “Ctrl” + “A”. Click “Add tracks” to add the songs to your DVD playlist.

7.Click on “Burn DVD” in your DVD creation software, to burn the audio tracks to the DVD. Remove the DVD from the tray, when the tray is ejected automatically after the recording is complete. Some software programs require finalizing the DVD through a series of menus that are requested before it is ejected.


  • Not all DVD creation software allows you to add audio tracks. If you want to burn audio CDs to a DVD, make sure that the software you choose to install on the computer offers this feature.
  • Some DVD creation programs will allow you to burn audio tracks such as MP3, which decreases playback quality, but greatly increases storage capacity, allowing up to 45 hours of audio on a DVD.
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