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How to block advertising from Android applications

Are you tired of the advertising that appears in Android applications? Sometimes so many ads are very annoying visually and also consume data unnecessarily. Here we will explain how to block the advertising of Android applications. These steps will be for the phone and for the tablet, whether you are root or not; In case you don’t know this concept, keep reading and we’ll explain what root is.

Steps to follow:

1.Root is a method that grants you Administrator or Super User privileges over your Android device. There are certain applications that require access to the main directory, the so-called Root Directory, which you can only access by “root” the phone or tablet. The term comes from the English voice that bears the same name and that means “root”, a clear nod for you to get to the root of the terminal.

2.If your device is root, you can install an application called AdAway, which allows you to easily block all types of ads and advertisements. This not only applies to games, but to any application you install or to the web browser itself. Just download AdAway and from the settings menu you can configure it quickly and to your liking.

3.But if your device is not root, do not worry, there is also a solution, although it will take longer to configure. There are applications such as Adblock Plus, which you will have to install and configure to remove any more ads that appear.

4.The problem with applications without root is that by default they block only a percentage of advertising, at least on Wi-Fi connections, but a total block can be configured. To do this go to your Android to ‘Settings’ -‘ Wifi ‘ -‘ Modify network ‘ -‘ Advanced options’ (the names may change slightly) and, in ‘proxy settings’ choose’ Manual ‘and type in the name’ Localhost ‘and in port’ 2020 ‘. Save, close all browsers and re-enter. You will see that the advertising has disappeared.

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