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Adulting 101: Manage Notifications in Your MacOS Like a Pro

Are you a busy person? Managing notifications to see in detail what you need to get informed with is important. MacOS can be your ultimate personal assistant, but do you know how to manage these notifications?

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It is easy to manage your notifications with the system.

Where can you find Notification settings in MacOS?

1. Head over to the Apple menu right at the top left corner of the screen. Most of the details in this guide are based on MacOS Catalina.

2. Choose System Preferences.

3. Click Notifications. Once you are in Notifications, you can begin customizing. 

Here are the options.

Do Not Disturb

If you own an iPhone, you might already be accustomed to this mode. When the phone is in Do Not Disturb, the notifications will stop for review later in the day. With the steps, you can set up specific houses and scenarios for the Mac, including having hidden notifications while you are asleep, say between 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Or, when the screen is projected.

Furthermore, you may also let other notifications such as a call to “break through” this mode, so you can receive them even when the notifs are hidden.

Toggling Notifications On And Off

Below the Do Not Disturb feature, you can find a set of applications on the Mac that can push these notifications for the user. Here, you can see the permissions that these apps have when sending out these notifications. 

Toggling this lets you toggle any alerts on and off without the hassles.

App Alert Style

Customize the alert even more with these alert styles.

  • None: Notifications do not appear on your screen
  • Banners: They appear in the top right corner of your screen, and disappear after a few seconds
  • Alerts: Notifications appear in the top right corner, and stay on the screen until you dismiss them.

How to customize notification preferences

There are several preferences for each app you are using. If you toggle this on or off, it will let you further customize the way these can connect with the Mac.

  • Present notifications on Lock screen: When you wake the device from Sleep mode, you can see notifications in the Log-in screen.
  • Show notification preview: Toggle when you want to see notification previews. Choosing “When Unlocked” lets you see a preview when logged in. Choosing “Always” will show the preview on the log-in screen at the same time.
  • Show in Notification Center: This lets you see the recent notifications of the app.
  • Badge app: Checking this box lets you badge the app into your dock. For instance, emails and numbers. 
  • Play sound: Control which apps make the noise when informing you of a notification. 
  • Notification Center sort order: Have full control of the arrangement of notifications.
  • Recent: Sort notifications by time.
  • Recent by app: Sort notifications by app.
  • Manually by app: Sort notifications by app, by dragging them up or down.

Read more about MacOS and another how-to’s for other devices by browsing through their official website and news wires.

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